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ICU game-changer!

A new & revolutionary procedure to remove secretion from ventilated patients!


As an add-on to the installed base ventilator, TrachFlush is a device that automatically suctions the patient's upper airway and trachea for fluids and secretion.

By using TrachFlush there is no need for suctioning consumables and the nurses' workload can be reduced by up to 90%!

Our vision with TrachFlush is to reduce Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia (VAP) with 50%, improve Quality of Care and Reduce Cost of Care.

TrachFlush procedure

Here is a video showing the TrachFlush procedure

Video of the TrachFlush procedure


Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) occurs because bacterial secretion in the upper airways and trachea is not efficiently removed and aspirates into the distal bronchi, thereby giving rise to pneumonia infections in the ventilated patient.

The number of incidences is high, with up to 25% infection rate of all ventilated patients. Today, the best option for preventing VAP is inserting a plastic catheter tube into the endotracheal tube (see picture) and suctioning out secretion and fluid from the upper airway and trachea (like a very small vacuum cleaner). This standard of care solution presents two major issues



The suctioning procedure only removes the fluid and thin secretion, whereas the thick secretion remains in the airways leading to bacterial colonization and high VAP infection rate.



The excessive workload for ICU nurses and high consumable cost, which in total adds up to an extra €7.500 to the cost of a VAP ICU patient. Consequently, this reduces the quality of care and increases cost of care of patients and burdens global healthcare systems with staggering €14,6Bn every year.


AW Technologies' founders explored the idea of utilizing the ventilator pressure flow in combination with deflating/inflating the endotracheal tube cuff to flush all secretions out of the airways, in order to completely eliminate the occurrence of VAP - mitigating the shortfalls with the current suctioning procedure. And our procedure has already come a long way.


The TrachFlush procedure is a 4-step process. 

Secretion is accumulated in the trachea below the endotracheal tube cuff.

Step 1

Cuff is automatically inflated again, blocking secretion from entering the trachea.

Step 3

High-pressure-mode is activated by the nurse. Following the cuff deflates & the ventilator flow pushes the secretion above the cuff.

Step 2

The secretion pushed above the cuff passes onto the stomach.

Step 4

Calculate your cost savings!

TrachFlush will offer your ICU Deparment massive savings annually, since:

- There is no need for any suctioning consumables

- The suctioning procedure is a >1min procedure

- There is a potential for reducing Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia (VAP) with 50%

AW Technologies