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Early history: 

In late 2018 Alberto Zanella, Jørgen Hansen & Stephen E. Rees teamed up to bring Alberto’s revolutionary idea – an artificial cough maneuver – to the market, and the process then started. But not far in the process, they concluded, that they could not all be fully committed to the project, as they had a full-time job next to this project.

Jørgen and Stephen had before in another project worked with two young Energetic entrepreneurs; Adam S. Hansen and Andreas M. Hejslet, who have a few years of experience in the MedTech field, but enough to manage this project and bring the product to market. Therefore, Jørgen and Stephen hired Adam and Andreas to manage the project.

Recent history:

Since Adam’s and Andreas’ employment, the company AW Technologies – who owns the product and procedure – was founded in November 2018, and the product development was initiated.

Since then, they have all worked hard on the product development, and has since then applied for several grants, and the latest they were accepted to is the Business Acceleration Academy by BioInnovation Institute – a Novo Nordisk Foundation initiative – where the objective is to form a commercialization plan towards market entering. 

AW Technologies