A revolutionary patented procedure to remove secretion from the trachea more efficiently than current methods!


TrachFlush mimics a normal cough and is able to remove secretions from the upper airways by mimicking a patient’s normal cough maneuver.

I find it hard to believe that TrachFlush will harm the patient. Conversely, TrachFlush has the potential to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia and damage to the mucous membranes of the trachea



Robert Winding, Head of Intensive Care Unit Herning, Denmark


Removing ALL secretion

The TrachFlush-procedure has shown that it can remove ALL secretion from the trachea. Potentially reducing ventilator-associated pneumonia!



The TrachFlush-procedure prevents the secretion, above the cuff, to aspire into the lungs, as TrachFlush keeps the endotracheal tube cuff regulated at all time!

Substantial Pressure

The TrachFlush-procedure can produce an airflow greater than 1L/s which is powerful enough to remove the secretion from the trachea!



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