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A unique ICU bed-side trachea flushing system, potentially reducing ventilator-associated pneumonia of the ventilated Intensive Care Unit patient!


TrachFlush is an add-on to installed ventilation systems used in the Intensive Care Unit.

The patented TrachFlush-procedure utilizes the endotracheal tube and in alignment with the ventilator flow, the TrachFlush systems deflates the cuff on the endotracheal tube and by using the ventilator flow of pressure, accumulated secretion in the trachea below the cuff, is then flushed (pushed) above the cuff.

Following, the cuff is automatically inflated again, blocking the secretion from entering the trachea, and it will then pass on to the stomach.


TrachFlush is a less than a 1min. procedure, it uses no consumables and can remove ALL the secretion from the trachea!

A Step-By-Step guide on how to use TrachFlush

Step 1

The secretion is accumulated below the endotracheal tube cuff and is identified by the nurse.

Step 2

The nurse assesses that the secretion shall be removed, and increases the ventilator's air-flow pressure.

Step 3

The nurse presses "Flush" on the TrachFlush, and the ETT cuff is deflated and the increased air-flow pressure pushes the secretion above the cuff.

Step 4

After the TrachFlush procedure, the ETT cuff is automatically inflated again, blocking secretion from entering the trachea.

Step 5

The secretion pushed above the cuff will then pass through the esophagus onto the stomach.

Calculate your cost savings!

TrachFlush will offer your Intensive Care Unit department massive savings annually, since:

  • There is no need for any suctioning consumables

  • The suctioning procedure is a less than 1min. procedure

  • There is a potential for reducing Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia (VAP) with 50%

AW Technologies