• Continuous cuff regulation

  • Easy and user-friendly interface

  • Quick and easy to navigate

Your new and more efficient secretion removal solution

TrachFlush is an add-on to the installed mechanical ventilation systems in the ICU.

With two functionalities - Flush and Cuff control - TrachFlush is able to utilise the ventilator and endotracheal tube cuff to create an artificial cough, and continuously and automatically maintains the user sett cuff pressure, blocking subglottic secretions from entering the lungs.


TrachFlush utilises the ventilator flow and endotracheal/tracheostomy tube cuff, which creates an artificial cough, removing secretion more efficiently, comfortable and natural, leaving the patient with a more efficient and safe procedure for removing secretion.

Improves productivity

A fully-integrated solution with a lifespan of several years, you can count on TrachFlush to be:

  • Ready when you are

The TrachFlush device is easy to set up and requires minimum handling, only a push on a button to active the Flush Control. Mount it directly to the ventilator or the patient bed for easy access.

  • Cost-effective

The device and accessories has several years of a life span, minimum handling and only takes 5min to learn or teach new staff how to use.

  • Use with standard equipment

TrachFlush can be used with endotracheal tubes or tracheostomy tubes and installed mechanical ventilators you find in the ICU today. Simply attach the device and start using.

A Step-By-Step guide on how to use Flush control

Step 2

The nurse increases the ventilator air-flow pressure

Following, the nurse presses "Flush" on TrachFlush, and the ETT cuff is deflated and the increased air-flow pressure pushes the secretion above the cuff

Step 3

Step 1

The secretion is accumulated below the endotracheal tube (ETT) cuff

Step 4

Following the TrachFlush procedure, the ETT cuff is automatically inflated again, blocking secretion and fluid from entering the trachea.

Step 5

The secretion pushed above the cuff will then pass through the esophagus onto the stomach.


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