TrachFlush Stand-alone Device

The TrachFlush Stand-alone Device is unique, as it can be used in Pressure Controlled Ventilation and Pressure Support Ventilation with any mechanical ventilator, any endotracheal tube, and any tracheostomy tube used in the Intensive Care Unit.

The ability to work with any ventilator and intubation tube allows the product to be used in your ICU no matter the technology being used. TrachFlush will support it!

The TrachFlush Stand-alone Device will only work with the specifically designed tube for TrachFlush. If any other tubing is connected, the Device will not work properly. 

Read more about the tubes here

One TrachFlush Stand-alone Device comes with the equipment:

- 1 Power Supply and Adaptors

- 1 Bed-side Bracket with screws and tools

Read more about the functionality here

TrachFlush Stand-alone Device

ICU, Flush Control, Cuff Control, Secretion Removal

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