TrachFlush Cuff Pressure and Airway tube set

The TrachFlush Cuff Pressure and Airway Tube set has been developed in cooporation with one of the highest quality medical tube manufactures in Europe, and are specifically designed for the TrachFlush Stand-alone Device. They are developed to ensure optimal performance and efficiency when used on patients.

The tubes are in different colors for user-friendliness - pink and transparent - and comes glued together. They come with luer locks and filter that will be screwed onto the TrachFlush device, keeping the tubes in place at all times, and will block all bacterias from entering the device.

The pink tube measures the inspiration and expiration from the ventilator, and the transparent tube is connected to the cuff pilot balloon of the endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube.

The tubes comes in packages of 50 units and can be used for maximum 7 days.

TrachFlush Tubes

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