Secretion removal without the need for tracheal suctioning

Secretion removal with the push of a button - no need for tracheal suctioning!

Block subglottic aspirations and reduce VAP with TrachFlush Cuff Control

Improve patient comfort - reduce VAP, no "vacuum" cleaner in the airways, and no post-suctioning patient instability

Reduce workload and costs - remove secretion in less than 60 seconds and no need to check cuff pressure

Use TrachFlush with any ICU ventilator, ETT and TT - simple connectivity

TrachFlush Stand-alone Device

TrachFlush Flush Controller

TrachFlush Flush Controller removes secretion more efficiently, can eliminate the need for manual tracheal suctioning, and improves patient comfort. 


Step 1: Adjust ventilator settings to match TrachFlush requirements if needed and if safe for the patients


Step 2: Press the "Flush" button

TrachFlush deflates the cuff in alignment with the ventilator inspiratory pressure in the lungs, allowing the airflow of pressure to push/flush the secretion from below the cuff and all the way up into the oral cavity


Step 3: After the Flush, the cuff is automatically inflated again and still within the inspiratory cycle. 

See how the Flush Controller works in the video below

TrachFlush Cuff Controller

TrachFlush Cuff Controller automatically maintains the user set cuff pressure, blocking subglottic secretions from entering the lungs, and reduces VAP

Below is the working principle of the TrachFlush Cuff Controller described

Cuff Control 1.png

Step 1: Set the cuff pressure by pressing arrow up or down on TrachFlush

Cuff Control 2.png

Step 2: Accept the cuff pressure by pressing the accept button

Cuff Control 3.png

Step 3: TrachFlush automatically maintains the user set cuff pressure

Scientific evidence

Recent clinical studies show that:

  • TrachFlush successfully removed secretions in patients (DS Karbing, 2021)

  • Continious maintainted cuff pressure can decrease microaspirations and VAP (Lorente 2014, Neseir 2011)

*TrachFlush is CE Marked.

*TrachFlush is not available in the USA.