Remove secretion from mechanically ventilated patients with the push of a button 

Introducing TrachFlush

Secretion removal simplified and at a fraction of time compared to todays procedure

With the push on a button, TrachFlush deflated the ETT or TT cuff in alignment with the ventilator inspiratory pressure in the lungs. The pressure then pushes (flushes) secretion from below the cuff to above the cuff. Following, the cuff is inflated again. All done in less than 60 seconds.

TrachFlush makes the secretion removal procedure simpler, easier to perform for the ICU staff, more comfortable for the patient as it mimics a normal cough, and takes a fraction of time compared to todays procedure.

Also, as an additional benefit, TrachFlush will - in between secretion removal - automatically maintain the user set cuff pressure, blocking subglottic secretions from entering the lungs, and prevent VAP(1).

Benefits of using TrachFlush

Improving patient comfort

No "vacuum" cleaner in the airways. No obstruction of the airways. No post-suctioning instability, and No discomfort.

Fast and easy activation

Secretion removal with the push of a button and in less than 60 seconds.

Ease of Use

Use TrachFlush with any mechanical ventilator, ETT and TT - simple connectivity.

VAP reduction

Reduces Ventilator Associated Pneumonia with 50%(1)

Reduces contamination risks

Secretion removal with the push of a button.

Cost effective

Removes secretion in less than 60 seconds, reduces workload and consumable usage.

See how TrachFlush works

TrachFlush Funcitonality Video

TrachFlush vs. Suctioning Catheteter

A comparison of the TrachFlush device and the "Golden standard method" - suctioning catheter - for secretion removal

Comparison coming soon...

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