Do I need to check the ETT position after a Flush?

Yes. It is important to check the position to ensure the ETT hasn't moved.


Do I need to monitor the cuff settings manually?

No. The user set cuff pressure is automatically measured and maintained by TrachFlush.

Can I adjust the cuff pressure without removing TrachFlush?

Yes. You can adjust the cuff pressure using TrachFlush. When adjusted, TrachFlush will automatically maintain the new set cuff pressure.

Supported patients

Will de-recruitment for patients with high PEEP ventilation happen?

Unlikely. The Flush only happens during the inspiratory cycle.

Can I use the same TrachFlush device for multiple patients in the ICU at the same time?

No. TrachFlush continuously measures and maintains the set cuff pressure. Therefore, it is important to use one TrachFlush device per patient.


Can TrachFlush clear secretions efficienty?

Deflation of the cuff in alignment with the high aif-flow of pressure in the lungs will clear secretions efficiently.

Will the ETT or TT cuff be damaged after many flushes?

No. We have performed an internal 2-year accelerated validation test, where there was no signs of wear/tear and leakage to the cuff.

Will aerosol spread to surrounding air?

Unlikely, however, there are no near-patient activities as a flush can be activated from a distance and thereby eliminating contamination risks.

Can TrachFlush prevent subglottic aspirations?

The Cuff Control prevents aspirations by maintaining a constant cuff pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions