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Above and below the cuff secretion removal without the need for tracheal suctioning.

Easy and intuitive feature for tracheal secretion removal below and above the cuff.

With the push of a button, TrachFlush™ deflates the cuff and utilizes the ventilator air pressure during an inspiratory cycle to "flush" the secretion from below and above the cuff up into the oral cavity. No need to perform tracheal suctioning manually.

Screenshot 2022-10-26 131345.png

Key benefits of using TrachFlush™ Flush Controller

Easy secretion removal.png

Easy secretion removal

TrachFlush™ removes secretion from below and above (subglottic) the cuff without the need for suctioning

Reduce workload and cost.png

Reduce workload and cost

Remove secretion with the push of a button

Improve matient comfort with TrachCuff.png

Improve patient comfort

1) No "vacuum cleaner" in the airways

2) No negative air pressure like cough assist devices

3) No post-suctioning instability

TrachCuff can be used with...png

TrachFlush™ can be used with any endotracheal tube and tracheostomy tube

Remove secretion with the push of a button!

Remove secretion from below and above the cuff by pushing the Flush button on the TrachFlush™:

TrachFlush Stand-alone #2.0.png

Press              to activate 
Flush Control. 

TF pic3.png

Flush is now running. 

TF pic4.png

Flush is complete.

Press         to Accept.

Accept button.png

Flush Control demonstrated in a video

Learn how to use TrachFlush Flush Control

You can also find more videos on how to use TrachFlush:

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Depending on the location of your healthcare institution, TrachFlush may not be available. Contact us for more information

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