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The better way to manage cuff pressure and to protect your patients from VAP

TrachFlush™ maintains and adjusts the actual cuff pressure on a breath-by-breath basis, ensuring continuous optimized and controlled cuff pressure that supports ventilation therapy and protects your patients from VAP and tracheal injuries, including features for:

  • Fast deflation of the cuff for safe extubation.

  • Increased cuff pressure for a user defined period of time to secure the airway and avoid aspirations, for example in cases of repositioning the tube, changes in patient positioning etc.

Cuff Control sketch.png

Key benefits of the TrachFlush™ Cuff Controller

Protect your patients from VAP.png

Protect your patients from VAP

TrachFlush™ continuously maintains the user set cuff pressure, potentially decreases microaspirations and VAP

Reduce workload and cost.png

Reduce workload and cost

1) No need to manually check and maintain the cuff pressure

2) Potentially decreases micro-aspirations and VAP 

TrachCuff can be used with...png

TrachFlush™ can be used with any endotracheal tube and tracheostomy tube

Intuitive and easy to use!

TrachFlush™ automatically maintains the cuff pressure. Additionally, TrachFlush™ can be used to adjust the cuff pressure in 3 simple steps:


Automatic cuff pressure maintenance. 

Press up/down to adjust the cuff pressure.

TF pic5.png

Press         to accept new cuff pressure.

Accept button.png
TF pic2.png

Cuff pressure is now adjusted, and will be maintained until changed.

Learn how to use TrachFlush™ Cuff Control

You can also find more videos on how to use TrachFlush:

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Depending on the location of your healthcare institution, TrachFlush™ may not be available. Contact us for more information 

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