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Clinical References

1 Efficacy of an automated secretion removal technology at different inspiratory pressures
By Anne H. Nielsen, Dan S. Karbing, Christoffer G. Sølling, Robert R. Winding, Stephen E. Rees, and Nilanjan Dey  - read more here

2 In vivo evaluation of a new endotracheal tube cuff controller promoting tracheal secretion clearance, preliminary results. AARC, 2022
By Luigi Vivona, Alberto Zanella, Stephen E. Rees, Dan S. Karbing, Marco Bellotti, Gaetano Florio, Federico Sodi, Giorgia Caddeo, Mauro Panigada, Antonio Pesenti, Giacomo Graselli - read more here

3 An Artificial Cough Maneuver to Remove Secretions From Below the Endotracheal Tube Cuff
By Alberto Zanella, Gaetano Florio, Emanuele Rezoagli, Martina Pastore, Paolo Cadringer, Osvaldo Biancolilli, Eleonora Carlesso, Vittorio Scaravilli, Giuseppe Ristagno, Antonio N Presenti - read more here

4 Continuous endotracheal tube cuff pressure control system protects against ventilator-associated pneumonia
By Leonardo Lorente, María Lecuona, Alejandro Jiménez, Lisset Lorenzo, Isabel Roca, Judith Cabrera, Calina Llanos, and María L Mora - read more here

5 Continuous control of tracheal cuff pressure and microaspiraion of gastric contents in critically ill patients
By Saad Nseir, Farid Zerimech, Clément Fournier, Rémy Lubret, Philippe Ramon, Alain Durocher, Malika Balduyck - read more here

6 Is continuous better than intermittent control of tracheal cuff pressure? A meta-analysis
By Zunjia Wen, Li Wei, Junyu Chen , and Ailing Xie - read more here

7 A Prospective, Longitudinal Study Evaluating the Efficacy of ab Automated Secretion Removal Technology
Jante S. Sinnige, Dan S. Karbing, Christel M. A. Valk, Marcus J. Schultz, Stephen E. Rees and Frederique Paulus- read more here

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